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Amapiano NL – Workin’ Class

08 dec 2023

Amapiano NL – Workin’ Class

We are delighted to introduce to you our new concept, “WORKIN’ CLASS,” designed for those seeking a harmonious balance between their professional lives and leisure pursuits. This concept revolves around the fusion of African electronic music, fashion, and culinary delights and will be hosted once every two months. Strictly for the age of 25 and above.

Dressing with style is of paramount importance at “WORKIN’ CLASS.” “Being well-dressed hasn’t much to do with having good clothes. It’s a question of good balance and good common sense.” We encourage attendees to embrace chic, elegance, class, or African-inspired attire. Please note that casual wear, sneakers, and caps are not in line with the dress code.

We’ll dive deeper into the world of African electronic music, seamlessly blending Amapiano, Afrodeep, Afrotech, Tribalhouse, and Gqom genres to curate an immersive and enjoyable musical experience.

“African food is not a cuisine, it’s a cultural adventure.” Delicious dishes will be available, prepared by one of the finest African restaurants in the Netherlands, Mama Essi. The menu promises to be a tantalizing exploration of flavors.


Amapiano NL – Workin’ Class
Datum 8 december 2023 Tijd 19:00 - 02:00 Organisatie Amapiano NL Leeftijd 25+ Dresscode Chic, Elegance, Class or African-inspired Muziek Amapiano | Afrodeep | Afrotech | Tribal-House | Gqom Koop hier je tickets